Female Desperation Things

Any of my female followers wanna kik chat? Message me your username. Might do a hold at some point after I wake up and would love to have someone join me or something.


Anyone know where this is from??

I would love to know what this is from

Just stumbled upon your Tumblr trying to find some desperation stories - you now have a new follower (female, gay) Been turned on by female desperation for as long as I can remember, thinking I was weird and the only one into it. Seriously nice to know there are others out there too!

Awesome! If you’d ever like to chat, shoot me a message!

How long do you like to hold for?

As long as I can

I feel so wrong for liking to wet myself and watching other girls do it but nothing makes me more turned on. Just looking at this blog my panties are literally dripping wet omg.

That’s nice to hear


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